Wednesday, July 6, 2016

* xoxo christine: ep 2 FAIRY FLOWER CROWNS *

This week's episode, I show you how to make fairy flower crowns! 
I know flower crowns have been around forever but I've always wanted to try making them myself and it's just such a simple and therapeutic way to be creative.

You can make them for birthdays, photo shoots, weddings, bridal showers, or just to have because they make you feel whimsical and magical   ♥

materials needed

- silk flowers or real flowers
- wire cutters preferred, scissors could work too
- floral tape // washi tape also works great
- floral wire
- glue gun
- glue sticks

1. First, using the floral wire, measure the base of your crown by loopoing the wire around the top of your head
2. You want to wrap your floral wire around at least 2 loops (I like to do 3 sometimes) to create a stronger base
3. Cut the wire where the beginning tip is so it's easier to start wrapping

4. Start at the ends and twist them around the base so they don't poke you
5. Cut your floral tape into 5 - 10 inch strips so it's easier to use
6. With your floral tape, you want to start wrapping at the tip 
- Twist around the wire once and pinch the floral tape so it sticks to the wire.
- If the floral tape doesn't stick very well, pinch and twist the beginning and wrap the tape around that area a few times (3 - 4) and continue on

7. You want to loop the floral tape around each section tightly at least 2 - 3 times before moving on
- This will create a sturdy enough base without the flower crown looking or feeling too bulky
- Then continue wrapping and pinching the tape as you till you go all the way around back to where you first started
- Remember to pinch and twist as you go to secure the tape!

- If as you're wrapping, your wire starts to bunch up and the crown isn't going to be a even round circle, you want to cut where the wire is bunching up
- Then just like how you started in the beginning, wrap your tape around the ends and wrap the floral tape around that section a couple times
- Then you're good to go again!

8. Now it's time to grab your flowers and start arranging them on the crown base without cutting the flowers just yet
- Once you're happy with your design, trim the flowers with the wire cutter leaving 1/2 - 1 inch of the stem so you can attach it to the base

- Use floral tape to attach the stem, wrapping 2 - 4 times.. or as needed so it's secure
9. If you're using longer floral stems, wrap the floral tape on different sections of the stem 

- You can also use the glue gun to attach small flowers
- Try adding different kinds of flowers + leaves + accessories to give your crown more texture + personality!

- Use flower crown photos you find online (instagram, pinterest, and etsy are great) for inspiration! There's so many different types of looks and styles that you'll find one that really speaks to you!

*crown yourself girl*


as always,


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