Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This week's episode, I show you & Jenn  how to add gold, silver, mint, pink, foil to any digital print! 
It's super simple and requires minimal supplies that are affordable! I really hope you try it out because it'll add all the sparkle to your life  ♥

note: all the these foil prints are available now 
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- your favorite digital print 
*it must be printed with toner through a laser printer. Ink jet printers won't work!
if you dont have one, you can always take it to a local printer and have them print it on their laser printers for you.
i bought my printer on sale for $50 so it wasn't too bad
- any color foil sheets 
* deco foil brand works great
* heidi swapp has gorgeous colors
* I have the 12" but the 9" is perfect
- one regular printer paper as the cover sheet
- scissors

1. First, turn your laminator to the hottest setting
*The heat does depend on how thick your paper is and how hot your lamintor gets
*Just a heads up that through my experience, sometimes using thin printer paper with the hottest setting can wrinkle your paper
*I would just recommend you try it a couple of times to see what works best with your paper + laminator
*I now use thicker cardstock and the hottest setting for the best results

2. Then using your foil sheet, measure the length of your print and cut to size
*The foil will stick directly onto the ink it's touching. So if you want a certain word to be a certain color, be sure to put that color foil directly on top of that entire word. 

3. Place the foil color side up and carefully add the cover sheet on top

4. Use the palm of your hand to press out any extra air that may be in between the foil and the ink

5. Slowly run it through the laminator. You can run it through a few times if you'd like


Just keep in mind that using this method isn't perfect. There will be imperfections where the foil doesn't stick on evenly to the ink. And please dont do what I did and not check the max thickness of paper your printer can print on. 

HAVE FUN!! I hope you make all the beautiful lovely things in life!!


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