Wednesday, August 10, 2016

* xoxo christine: ep 6 DIY SLEEPY TOTORO PLUSHIE *

Wow can you believe this is episode 6 of xoxo christine already?! Time flies!
SO for this week's episode, I teach you how to make this ADORABLE SLEEPY TOTORO!! I LOOOOVE HIM! I'm a huuuuge fan of miyazaki and ghibli films. And sleepy totoro is one of my favorite characters.

He's easy to make and makes the perfect cuddle buddy 

note: he's available now at my shop!

download pattern
- click on image
- it'll open up in a bigger size
- right click the image and save
- yayy you can now print out the templates and start crafting! 

-  printed totoro pattern above
-  different colored fabric
*  grey for the body + outer earsn (i used a jersey fabric)
*  white for the tummy (i used fleece)
*  any color for the scarf + inner ears (i used cotton)
-  different colored felt for details
*  black for eyes + nose
*  pink for blush
*  grey for V's on tummy
-  water erasable marker
-  scissors
-  white + grey thread
-  needle
-  glue gun
-  stuffing
-  sewing pins optional

1.)  First you want to trace out all your pattern pieces according to fabric color
 -  Grey: body (2 pieces) + outer ear (2 pieces) 
-  White: tummy (1)
-  Mint: scarf (1) + inner ear (2)
*  Using sewing pins really help keep the template in place
* I like using the water erasable marker because I can wipe off the markings after. I got mine for $1 at Daiso! If you dont have one, you can definitely use a light colored marker

2.) Then you want to cut out all the body parts

3.) Sew up the body!
-  Using a grey thread, I like to use the running stitch because it's simple and quick! You basically just want to weave your thread through both layers, making approx 1 cm stitches in between, and just pull through
-  Sew all the way around your markings, leaving the bottom 1/4 open for stuffing
-  Flip inside out

4.) Sew up the ears!
-  Still using your grey thread, you want to stack the mint and grey cutouts on top of each other. Remember to have the back of the fabric facing outwards (you'll be flipping it inside out as well when youre down sewing it)
-  I also use the running stitch and leave the bottom open for stuffing
-  Flip inside out + stuff
- Then sew close up the bottom of the ears by folding the bottom inside the ear and whip stitching it closed

5.) Let's attach the tummy to the body!
-  Using the sewing pins, position the tummy onto the body
-  Use the whip stitch to sew on the body. You want to push your needle out from inside the body (to hide the knot) and pull it through to the edge of the tummy. Then go loop out back onto the body and push your needle back round into the body and out the tummy again. And just keep repeating this process till you go all the way around!

6.) Now you can add stuffing into the body + close it up
-  You can either use the ladder stitch or whip stitch to close it up! I use the ladder stitch because it's better to hide your stitches

7.) Attach the ears!
-  I use sewing pins to keep the ears in place as I use the whip stitch to sew on the ears. Just go from the back and work your way to the front and then to the back of the ears again

8.) Cute scarf time!
-  For the scrunched up, blowing in the wind look, i like to scrunch up the scarf and weave my needle through the scrunched up fabric and pull the thread tightly. That way it keeps it scrunched up! And just pull your needle through that same part a few times to secure it
- Then you want to sew the back side of your scarf to the front by pulling your needle through front to back, back to front a couple of times. You can repeat the same weaving technique for the back side as well!
-  Double knot the thread inside the scarf

9.) Finally let's glue gun totoro's features!
-  Cut out all the parts: eyes, nose, blush, and 3 V's for the tummy
-  You can also use embroidery thread to sew on the features as well!
-  Then just hot glue them on


omg love it! 
definitely tag me on instagram: @peachiechristine if you make him!
sending you all the sleepy hugs!!


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