Wednesday, September 7, 2016

* love always, christine *

I've been going back and forth on whether I should write this post. I've finally concluded... just write and see what happens. So here I go.

After 5 amazing years at Wong Fu Productions, full of ups and downs, I have decided it's time to go. Coming to this decision has been an extremely difficult one. Wong Fu has, in so many ways, become intertwined with my life. I gave everything I had and in these 5 years, I'm walking away with beautiful memories, new friends who have now truly become my family, a movie, and many many laughs + tears.

I had to be honest with myself and really come to terms that I've taken WF as far as I can go and given everything I had to give... as did they. And the most unselfish thing we could do for each other is to each move forward onto our next chapters. So new spaces can open up for more amazing people to step in to help climb bigger mountains.

The greatest joy I feel is that all this came unexpectedly. Life is what you make of it. If you put 110% in, you come out feeling like a million dollars. That's the secret really. The value of true happiness doesn't come from money, job titles, or in others... It's how true you are to your soul.

Give generously and genuinely
Speak your truth
Love without expecting
HUG a lot
Compassion and consideration go a long long way
Seek balance
And.. Learn to continuously love and forgive yourself

Do all these things for yourself. As in don't do it to please others or try to win friendships or respect. You don't need to prove anything to anyone when you know yourself and can stand with confidence that what you say and do is pure.

I guarantee if you at least strive to live life that way, you'll always walk away with your arms, soul, and heart overflowing. You'll really come out with so much more than what you walked in with.


With all that said... and I say this as I'm wiping tears away...

I feel an overwhelming wave of gratitude and peace now.
Thank you for allowing me to close this beautiful beautiful chapter of my life. It's been written with so much love. And like any page turning chapter, there were moments that left me both speechless and with my heart aching. But I wouldn't take back any words. The good and not so good all made for this complete part of my life.

Thank you...